Calling upon many years’ experience

Our founder, Neil Luxton, has four decades’ experience as a stonemason working on private commissions from his studio in Sudbury, Suffolk and restoring listed memorials for the National Trust and English Heritage.

Neil Luxton

Master craftsmen

Neil’s passion for master craftsmanship is in the blood. Upon leaving school, he followed in his father’s footsteps to become an apprentice stone carver. His monumental and architectural carving commissions.

Highgate Cemetery

For a quarter of a century, Neil has been the resident stone mason at Highgate Cemetery where he and the team have created memorials on-site for the likes of playwright Anthony Shaffer, actress Jean Simmons, and impresario and iconoclast Malcolm McLaren.

master stonemason

Regard your good name
as the richest jewel you can
possibly be possessed of
for credit is like fire;
when once you have kindled it
you may easily preserve it
But if you once extinguish it

you will find it an arduous task
to rekindle it again.
The way to a good reputation
is to endeavor to be
what you desire to appear.

~ Socrates