Our stone masonry services extend beyond crafting treasured memorials to cleaning and restoration

statue renovation
memorial cleaning
gravestone maintenance
gravestone maintenance
memorial cleaning
gravestone maintenance

Whether you’d like us to regularly maintain and clean your loved one’s headstone or renovate or refurbish areas that have fallen foul to the elements, we’ll complete the work with professionalism, passion, and meticulous attention to detail.

As well as hand-crafting customised memorials, we’re also on hand to help with the upkeep of your loved one’s memorial, and to make necessary alterations as time goes by.

Gravestone restoration

Cleaning and restoration

Having worked with English Heritage and the National Trust to clean, maintain, and restore listed memorials, we’re perfectly placed to care for your treasured headstone.

~ Memorial and restoration services
~ Maintenance and cleaning
~ Renovations and refurbishments

Even the highest quality materials break down or get weathered over time. We can provide customised memorial cleaning and restoration services to keep your memorial in perfect condition.


Should you need an alteration to the inscription or lettering on an existing memorial, we have the letter cutting expertise to help.

Our inscription and re-gilding service will be in keeping with the style and design of the original messaging, so you can rest assured any alterations will be seamless.

memorial alteration